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Meet Our Executive Director
Margaret Washington

Margaret Washington, is the writer, producer and director of The Misconception of Love Gospel Stage Play. Her passion as a playwright and director is dedicated to providing opportunities for new artists on the rise. She also thrives to reconnect audiences back to great theater masterworks through MGK Productions performances. She strives to impact communities and challenge lives to change for the better.

This Theatrical dream was born out of a desire from Margaret Washington, that was given to her to communicate her plays to the general public. She has been an inspired writer since the age of 15, when she use to put on neighborhood plays. Not knowing those were the beginning days in which God was about to take her.


She attended Eastfield College in Dallas, Texas pursuing a degree in photography. She now uses that creativity and eye for details in her stage productions. She is a member of the Lithonia Arts Alliance, which is made up of dedicated theatre professionals whose interest is to keep performing arts alive and thriving in area communities. She has worked closely with director/ drama teacher Cornelia Virella, who became her most influential mentor out of Atlanta, GA.

Recognizing the magnitude of this production, Ms. Washington, constantly sought divine wisdom through prayer to guide her in honoring the spirit and purpose of her calling. Her faith has been tried and tested many times as she faced one obstacle after another. But quitting is not an option for her. By God’s grace, sheer determination and perseverance, along with having the wonderful support of those who believed in her, The Misconception of Love proudly stands before you today.

MGK Productions Inc. is in honor of her deceased son Markell Genard Kelly!


"Working on these plays is a fabulous way to reach out to the community and to work within that community, bringing the message of Christ to each generation in a fresh and inspiring manner."


Lawrence Cuington

Vice President

Lawrence Cuington,  joined MGK PRODUCTIONS INC. with the vision and drive to improve upon our Nonprofit Organization, and focused on developing the organization with experience and integrity.

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Sonja Gordon

Secretary and Director of Communications

Sonja Gordon, is one of our veteran team members. She bring years of experience and skills as Secretary-General and communications to help our organization grow and succeed.

Symonia Shelby

Director of Operations

With us since our founding, Symonia Shelby, is one of our veteran team members. She bring years of experience and skills to the forefront in helping our organization grow and succeed.


Maria Drawhorn


Maria Drawhorn is one of our newest team members. She bring years of experience to the forefront in helping our organization grow and succeed.

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